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Our team works across a range of modes of service delivery to ensure that the best approach is used with your child.

Our staff work across a few different modes of therapy, to ensure that we have the best approach to suit your child.


These include:
- Discipline-specific therapy for children with mild/singular areas of difficulty.
- Family Centred Practice: Working with the family as a whole, not just the client. Any recommendations or strategies given by our staff are done in collaboration with the whole family unit, so that they are achievable and relevant to the way your family ‘works’. Achievable and functional goals then lead to improvements in areas most important for your family.
- Key worker model, for children who require intervention from a wide range of disciplines, but would prefer to have this all completed with the one therapy provider who develops a strong and lasting relationship with your child. Key workers will work together with you and your child to provide the therapy that is needed, based on input from the relevant professionals.
- Routines based assessment and intervention, for families who would prefer to receive assistance with how to make minor adjustments to their current daily routines to help with child development, as opposed to specific therapy sessions. Research has shown that by using this method of service delivery, improvements are seen not only in functional everyday activities, but in specific skill areas (normally targeted in discipline-specific therapy) too.

Some of the People You May Meet

Speech Pathologist - Bunbury

Speech Pathologists

Occupational Therapist - Bunbury

Occupational Therapists

Psychologist - Bunbury


Provisional Psychologist - Bunbury

Provisional Psychologist

Social Worker

Social Worker

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