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Our Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service include but are not limited to appointment times, fee schedules, payment terms and cancellation conditions.


Our therapy appointments are generally booked for a minimum of 60 minutes that includes 45 minutes of client time and an additional 15 minutes to allow our multi disciplinary team to prepare and coordinate your therapy and ensure you receive the full benefit of our services.

Fee Schedule

In order to continue providing quality therapy to our children, Stepping Stones Therapy Services regularly review our service charges.

Please contact our friendly administration staff for details.

Fee Payment

We request full fee payment on the day of the service for in clinic appointments.

We allow 7 days for payment of services provided outside of our Bunbury Clinic, however we reserve the right to suspend therapy services in the event of overdue accounts.


Our cancellation policy requires that we are given a minimum of 2 clear business days for appointment cancellations, unless we can reschedule without impacting future appointments. This allows us the opportunity to try and provide services to someone else in that time slot.

As an alternative to cancelling your appointment, we may offer you complementary supports.

Cancellation example, if your appointment is at 9am on a Monday, you need to let us know before close of business the Wednesday prior. 

If you miss or cancel an appointment within the 2 clear business days, you will be charged the full fee of the appointment, including travel where applicable.

Please note, if you miss multiple appointments we will discuss therapy options and goals with you to assist with attendance, if a solution can not be found we may decide to cease services until a suitable solution can be found.

If your therapist cancels your appointment we will do our best to find an alternative appointment time.

Our terms of service
Funding Options

Funding Options

There are several funding options that you may be able to utilise to access our services either for free or heavily rebated.


Stepping Stones Therapy Services is a registered therapy provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

Whether you are Agency Managed, Plan Managed or Self Managed we are able to provide a multi disciplinary approach to therapy including Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Dietetics and Physiotherapy.


A GP / Paediatrician may be able to activate one of the following plans that will allow you to receive a Medicare Rebate for therapy. Please note that the full fee is required to be paid on the day, you are then able to claim your rebate through Medicare.

From your GP

  • up to 5 sessions per year with a Enhanced Primary Care  / Chronic Disease Management Plan 

  • up to 10 Psychology sessions per year with a Mental Health Care Plan 

From your Paediatrician

  • up to 20 sessions until the age of 16 with a Better Access Plan (Helping Children with Autism)

Private Health Insurance

Please check your cover with your health insurance fund.
Please note that the full fee is required to be paid on the day, you are then able to claim your rebate through Medicare. 

Feedback andComplaints

Feedbacks and Complaints

Feedback and Complaints are important—they can help us understand what is important to our clients, and improve the quality of services that we provide. In this way, your feedback or complaint can help other people too.

If you feel comfortable, you are encouraged to raise your concern or complaint with us, as this is often the best way to have your issue resolved quickly.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can register your complaint directly with the NDIS Commission (if you are registered with the NDIS).

Here are the steps involved with providing feedback or a complaint:

1) Register a complaint online: Click HERE to access our ‘Feedback or Complaints’ form, and lodge your feedback or complaint directly online. This will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member immediately.

a) If you feel uncomfortable registering a complaint directly to us AND are registered with NDIS, you are also able to forward your complaint directly to the NDIS. Visit:

2) Your feedback or complaint will be acknowledged with you within five (5) working days from lodgement, providing you have given us your contact details in the form.

3) An internal investigation will then occur (if required) and can take up to thirty (30) days. Feedback and outcomes will then be provided to you in writing.

4) If additional time is needed, you will be contacted with an explanation of why additional time is required, and you will be provided with a revised timeline.

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