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Therapy Assistant

Brooke is another Allied Health Therapy Assistant at Stepping Stones Therapy Services. Brooke has a Certificate III & Certificate IV in Education Support, and has previous experience working as an Education Assistant at local primary schools. As an Education Assistant, Brooke had a variety of roles and supported a range of children, from Kindergarten in the role of an Education Assistant to one on one support for children with additional needs in older grades.

Brooke has completed in-house training in the areas of AAC (including understanding PODD, PECS and ProQuoLo2Go specifically), articulation, literacy and sensory processing. Brooke has completed shortened Professional Development learning modules on The Alert Program (for sensory regulation), The Nuffield Program (for articulation) and Sounds Write (for literacy development), as well as ‘How to Implement AAC’ from Speech Pathology Australia. She has also developed a deeper understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Finally, Brooke has completed training in Attention Autism.

As with Trina, Brooke runs individualised therapy programs for our clients, at a reduced rate of what is typically charged sessions provided by a Speech or Occupational Therapist. These therapy programs are written and monitored by our Speech and OT team, to ensure that they include best practice principles to meet your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Outside of Stepping Stones you might see Brooke at the local football and basketball or following her two teenage boys around with a first aid kit as they rip around the track on their motorbikes. Brooke and her husband also love to support the local food and wine industry, so you may see her and her family out for dinner on the weekends too.

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