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Your child is eligible for NDIS Funding...Now what?

Receiving a new diagnosis can be a major marker of any developmental journey. With a new diagnosis comes a whole new world - namely the world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

But never fear! Stepping Stones is here to support you on every step of this new journey.

First steps

Head to the NDIS website

The NDIS have created 3 booklets to guide you through the NDIS process. These booklets are available on the NDIS website and are available at your NDIS office (this may be co-located with Services Australia i.e. Centrelink).

Use this booklet after receiving your diagnosis to assess your child's eligibility and to commence the application process. The guide will help you gather evidence to support your application.

Once your application has been approved, use this booklet to prepare for your planning meeting. The booklet lists what the planners will ask you about and provides space for you to write down what a regular week looks like and what support your child needs to access these activities.

We'll cover this booklet in a later blog post, detailing how your child can use their NDIS plan to access support with Stepping Stones Therapy Services.

You have received confirmation that your child has been accepted into the NDIS, now start planning...

Start thinking about how you want your child's life to look like and what support you need to help your child and your family achieve this.

Taking a lifetime perspective

The NDIS is there to support your child throughout the course of their life. Think about what you want their life to look like and ask them what they want their life to look like! Support can be put in place to ensure your child is living their life to the fullest!

What does your day-to-day life look like now?

In the weeks leading up to your first NDIS planning meeting, keep a list or a diary to track times when support would be really appreciated or to track specific tasks and times of the day that your child finds challenging. This can help you to set goals that are functional and meaningful.

Setting specific goals

During your planning meeting you will be asked to set long and short term goals for your child. Using the list or diary that you have created, think about specific goals that you would like to achieve in the next 12 months, rather than listing general areas. This will ensure your plan reflects the support that your child needs at the current time. Your planner will help you to set these goals.

Gather your documents

Booklet 2 outlines documents and contacts that will assist in the planning process. Take these documents with you so that you and your planner can refer back to them and follow the recommendations of your child's team.

Consult your child's team

If your child is already linked with support services, chat to them about what support they provide your child and what additional support your child would benefit from.

Your Stepping Stones Therapist is always happy to provide a letter of recommendation or to attend the meeting with you to ensure your child and family's needs are heard!

Next steps

Once you have received your child's plan, you are able to start utilising the funding to access support. Get in touch with your existing providers or contact new provider teams to target the goals outlined in your plan.

Stepping Stones Therapy Services is a registered NDIS provider. All funding managed options (self-managed, plan managed, and NDIA managed) are accepted. Call us today to see how we can support your child using their NDIS plan.

Contact us:

South West: 9791 7898

Broome: 0477 190 111


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